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"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware." Martin Buber

Travel is exciting, inviting us to enjoy new life experiences. Choosing a place to stay should enhance your trip, especially if the accommodation reflects the essence of the destination.

If you choose a hotel, the room will most likely be small and impersonal. Sometimes it will have a view. Often it will lack personality. You will simply be one of thousands of guests who pass through its front doors. Or….you can stay in a Beit Yosef guest house.

Beit Yosef Captures the Essence of Safed

The charm of Safed is its old stone homes etched into the slopes; its tumbling pink bougainvillea; silent, wistful mountains; hidden courtyards enveloped by twisted grape vines; and shaded by pomegranate trees.

When you stay at a Beit Yosef zimmer, you will feel as if you are actually living in Safed. A unique combination of charm and history, along with spaciousness and luxury, this is a taste of Zefad as never experienced before.

A true home away from home, all rooms are impeccably decorated with antique furniture and accented with scented candles and romantic lighting. The mattresses are five star, and the bed linens and towels are top quality cotton.

Ideal For Families

Since the Beit Yosef zimmers are renovated homes, they are large enough for the whole family to stay in comfort. No more worry about scrambling to find adjoining hotel rooms (or trying to calm your children as they race down hotel hallways). Guests can enjoy free internet access, plus each guest house has a flat screen TV and offers ample room for kids to play. Some Beit Yosef zimmers can accommodate up to 14 people, so bring along the whole family!

On vacation, it is nice to cherish some quiet, private moments, be it with a steaming morning coffee or an intimate candlelit dinner. All zimmers feature kitchenettes complete with urns and hotplates, meat and dairy cutlery, plates, mugs and wine glasses. There is a small stove top and a fridge with freezer, plus all have a charming dining area. You can buy prepared food (or bring along your own home cooking) and enjoy a special meal with just the family. This is a world apart from a noisy restaurant.

Shabbat In Safed

You are invited to arrive Friday afternoon and enjoy a late check out after Shabbat on Saturday night. Many hotels do not offer this, insisting on charging guests for two nights. However, Beit Yosef understands the beauty of Shabbat, especially a Shabbat in Safed!

So you are welcome to come on Friday and have a restful Saturday. (Please remember that checkout on Motzei Shabbat is no later than one hour after Shabbat ends. If you do stay longer than this, you will be charged an additional night.)